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To others, you seem to have it all together, but the pain of your past and future colliding keeps you up at night. Past injuries have a continual hold on you and influence the relationships that mean the most to you. Acting in line with your heart does not seem possible when you're caught in these patterns.
You are stuck, but things can change. Loving yourself and appreciating each moment is an attainable goal, and one that I can help you reach. Through our conversations, you will gain a better understanding of yourself and your beginnings and start to feel more peace within your life and relationships. My specialty lies in exploring family history to impact changes for your future. Our deep work together will empower you to take steps toward cherishing yourself and feeling better in your relationships. I provide therapy to adults to accomplish these goals in a relaxed office setting.

I look forward to walking beside you on this journey

My areas of specialty include:

• Coping as a parent
• Coping with family member/partner addiction
• Substance Use Harm Reduction and Cessation
• Codependency
• Adult children of alcoholic
•Childhood trauma
• Grief and Loss
• The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
• Managing anger
• Meditation to manage stress
• Relationships
• Building self compassion
• Developmental Trauma
• Racial Trauma
• LCSW Supervision
"We live the stories we tell; the stories we don't tell live us.
What you don't allow yourself to know, controls and determines;
whatever's held to the light "can be changed"
--not the facts, of course, but how we understand them, how we live with them"
--poet Mark Doty

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I am currently offering in person and telehealth sessions.